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Three Phase Energy Meter Wi-Fi,split phase,5A CT input, Modbus TCP/RTU


WEM3080T is developed since 2019 and always introducing more new features and becoming the most popular product of IAMMETER. But some scenes can not be covered with WEM3080T, so we provide WEM3046T instead.

Why we develop WEM3046T

The maximum CT rating of WEM3080T is 500A with a diameter of 35mm. If the customer met the cable is larger than 35mm or the current is larger than 500A, we will recommend customer use the double CT solution before.

But honestly speaking, the disadvantage of the double CT solution is clear.

  1. It is not a good idea to use a 150A CT to measure the current below 5A, both resolution and accuracy are not in the best range.
  2. The final reading error will be the sum of the two CTs` error.
  3. The wiring of the double CT looks messy and needs more space.

If there is already a CT with 5A output that clamped on the cable,it will be the best scene to consider use WEM3046T。 You can connect the CT output directly into the WEM3046T, this will save more space and get better resolution and accuracy.


The advantage of WEM3046T

  • Supporting larger current measurement,such as 2500:5, 2000:5 or 1500:5 etc.
  • Compared with the double CT solution,WEM3046T has better resolution and accuracy ,save more space.


Because the CT of WEM3046T is selected by the customers, it can not be calibrated together with the meter (like WEM3080T) before leaving the factory.

So the total accuracy is strongly affected by the CT selected. Recommend selecting a reliable CT brand with accuracy as high as possible(class 0.5 or 0.1).

Key Features

It has all the critical features of the WEM3080T

Besides these, it supports 5A CT input.

Standard Package

Please note: differing from WEM3080T, no current transformer is included in the package of WEM3046T. The customer needs to connect their own CT(xxx:5A) into the WEM3046T

No. Item Qty Remark
1 Wi-Fi Energy Meter 1 Wi-Fi Module Embedded
2 2.4G Wi-Fi Antenna 1



The WEM3046T can be applied to all the scenes of WEM3080T, solar PV monitoring, home energy billing, and factory energy management.

It also can be integrated into the open source platform, home assistant, NodeRed, or the customer's own cloud service.


How do use the power meter with regard to your requirements

Monitor your solar pv system with Home Assistant

Integrate IAMMETER energy meter to third-party platform

Monitor your solar pv system in IAMMETER cloud

Monitor your electricity usage in IAMMETER-cloud