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Product Introduction

1. WiFi Energy Meter

Our Bi-directional WiFi energy meter products are widely used for monitoring and analysis of energy consumption in a residential electricity system or solar PV plant. It can measure the realtime readings of Voltage, Current, Active Power, Active Energy, Frequency..., and upload the readings to the cloud. As the bi-directional meters, they are also ideal for use in a solar PV system. It can monitor the energy generated by solar inverter and energy imported from/ exported to the grid. The monitoring cloud provides the comprehensive analysis function for you to understand your energy consumption, and also can generate and analyze your electricity bill or income.

2. Applications

  • Solar PV Plant Energy Monitoring
  • Home Electricity Usage Monitoring
  • Home Automation

3. Key Functions

3.1 Energy flow monitoring of solar PV plant

  • Monitor exported/imported energy vs solar system production
  • Display the energy flow of the solar system
  • Electricity billing and system income report
  • Total Saving Report (Direct Self-use Energy + Exported Energy) on monthly/daily/hourly basis

3.2 Home electricity usage monitoring

  • Track your home energy usage anytime from anywhere
  • Electricity billing on daily/monthly basis
  • Alert of exceeding the preset monthly energy consumption
  • Energy usage and billing forecast

3.3 Home automation

  • Easily integrate with many Home Automation cloud, such as Home Assistant, ioBroker, openHAB..

3.4 Other highlights

  • Easily integrated with the server of third party
  • 2-level user management, administrator and end user


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