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3 Phase Energy Meter Wi-Fi,split phase,bi-directional,net energy metering, Modbus TCP/RTU ,without IAMMETER`s cloud service by default

Introducing WEM3050T


The WEM3050T, released by IAMMETER in August 2023, is a new 3-phase energy meter. It supports both three-phase and split-phase usage, boasting a more compact 2P package similar to the WEM3080.

The WEM3050T has all the functionalities of the WEM3080T, excluding the IAMMETER-cloud service.

Due to the lack of default IAMMETER-cloud service, the WEM3050T is priced more affordable than the WEM3080T.

"WEM3080T" vs "WEM3050T"

Here's a comparison table between the WEM3080T and WEM3050T:

WEM3080T WEM3050T
Package 4P 2P
Cloud Service IAMMETER-cloud ,permanent 6 months by default
Certifications UL, CE, RCM, FCC CE, FCC
Hardware Interface RS485 None


Who Needs WEM3050T

For those not requiring IAMMETER-cloud, the WEM3050T presents an excellent alternative, offering almost identical features to the WEM3080T, except for the cloud service.

Please note: WEM3050T does not include IAMMETER-cloud by default. However, it can still be used with IAMMETER-cloud for a 6-month trial period. Once this period expires, the data will not be refreshed on the IAMMETER-cloud. To continue using the service, an annual subscription fee will be required.

Price && Subscription Fees

To be frank, the WEM3050T is an excellent choice for non-commercial customers who are new to IAMMETER products and systems, for several reasons:

If you don't require the IAMMETER-cloud service, the WEM3050T saves you the platform service fee directly (it's only two-thirds the price of the WEM3080T-150). It comes with a free trial period of 3-6 months. During this period, you can use the IAMMETER-cloud service without any limitations. If, after trying the IAMMETER-cloud, you discover that it adds significant value (the IAMMETER-cloud can indeed help save more money, a fact that has been verified by numerous customers), you can then choose to extend the service by paying a subscription fee at the end of the free service period. Moreover, by paying just $60, you can secure the complete service for the device's entire lifecycle.


The retail price of WEM3050T is only $119 USD.

Purchase Links:

Subscription Fees

The purchase price of the WEM3050T does not cover service fees, but it does include a 6-month free trial of the IAMMETER-cloud service. After this trial, customers who wish to continue with the IAMMETER-cloud service can opt for one of the following subscription plans, each priced per Serial Number (SN):

  • Monthly Subscription: $3 USD
  • Annual Subscription: $30 USD
  • Lifetime Subscription: $60 USD

This means that with a one-time payment of $60 USD, you can secure permanent IAMMETER cloud service for the entire lifespan of your device. For subscription details or any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us via email or through our feedback system.

Using WEM3050T without IAMMETER-cloud

WEM3050T seamlessly integrates with various open-source platforms like Home Assistant, NodeRed, OpenHAB, IOBroker, Zabbix, Thingsboard, etc. Additionally, it allows direct data uploads to personal servers via multiple data interfaces (Modbus/TCP, MQTT, TCP/TLS, HTTP/HTTPS, RESTful API).

For more details, visit WEM3050T open-source interface utilization.