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3 Phase Energy Meter Wi-Fi,split phase,bi-directional,net energy metering, Modbus TCP/RTU ,without IAMMETER`s cloud service by default

Introducing WEM3050T

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The WEM3050T, released by IAMMETER in August 2023, is a new 3-phase energy meter. It supports both three-phase and split-phase usage, boasting a more compact 2P package similar to the WEM3080.

The WEM3050T has all the functionalities of the WEM3080T, excluding the IAMMETER-cloud service.

Due to the lack of default IAMMETER-cloud service, the WEM3050T is priced more affordable than the WEM3080T.

"WEM3080T" vs "WEM3050T"

Here's a comparison table between the WEM3080T and WEM3050T:

WEM3080T WEM3050T
Package 4P 2P
Cloud Service IAMMETER-cloud ,permanent 3 months by default
Certifications UL, CE, RCM, FCC CE, FCC
Hardware Interface RS485 None


Who Needs WEM3050T

For those not requiring IAMMETER-cloud, the WEM3050T presents an excellent alternative, offering almost identical features to the WEM3080T, except for the cloud service.

Please note: WEM3050T does not include IAMMETER-cloud by default. However, it can still be used with IAMMETER-cloud for a 3-month trial period. Once this period expires, the data will not be refreshed on the IAMMETER-cloud. To continue using the service, an annual subscription fee will be required.

Subscription Fees

The price of WEM3050T does not include service fees but provides a 3-month trial on IAMMETER-cloud. Upon expiry, customers can opt for:

  • Monthly subscription: $3 USD
  • Yearly subscription: $30 USD

For subscription payments, kindly contact us via email or our feedback system.

Using WEM3050T without IAMMETER-cloud

WEM3050T seamlessly integrates with various open-source platforms like Home Assistant, NodeRed, OpenHAB, IOBroker, Zabbix, Thingsboard, etc. Additionally, it allows direct data uploads to personal servers via multiple data interfaces (Modbus/TCP, MQTT, TCP/TLS, HTTP/HTTPS, RESTful API).

For more details, visit WEM3050T open-source interface utilization.