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Create Account for Your Users

1. Introduction

If you have an agent account (For application of agent account, you can send email to and tell us your application, simple description and the username of your agent account.), you can create the account for your customers if necessary. You can create a master account to view and edit all the information. You can also create a sub-account, which can only view the information. The sub-account can not edit any information for master account.

2. Create the master account and sub-account

Login to your agent account (Reference: Agent Account Function), and then go to "Created users" - "Create User".

Enter the SN of the meter and other information. You can also click "Quick Setup" to create the information by default. SN: The Serial Number of your meter, you can find it on the label attached on the meter; Username: Username of new user account (master account); Password: Password of new user account (master account); Email: User's email registered for this account; Create Sub-account: The username of sub-account; Sub-account Password: The password of sub-account.

Tips: The sub-account can view the same information with the master account. But sub-account can not edit any information.

3. Login by sub-account

After created the master account and sub-account, you can login by both master account or sub-account. You can give your customers the sub-account so they can login to view the data but no permission to edit any information.

If the user try to edit any information in the sub-account, the system prompts the below information.


If you have a WeChat account, please follow our IAMMETER WeChat public ID.